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New General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at EPES Mandala Consulting Ltd


EPES consultants’ personal data are collected, saved and processed solely for the purpose of offering work opportunities and contain the following details: 

I. Name, address, telephone number, email address; 

II.  (ii) Curriculum vitae.

EPES partners’ data are collected similarly and saved with the following additional information to fulfil their contractual and fiscal obligations as EPES institutional clients request: 

III. employment and educational certificates and references, contracts, invoices and communication via email and Skype

IV. Financial data (e.g. bank details, VAT no.)

In line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the personal data provided to EPES are handled in the following manner:

- CVs are solely used for preparing tenders and for providing EPES consultants with business opportunities in their respective field of expertise. The data provided in consultants’ CVs will only be used with their consent in each individual case;

- Consultants’ contact details will only be used to address each of them respectively in regard to professional matters. Contact data and CV are stored on a server that can only be accessed by authorized persons and is securely protected against unauthorized use.

In case EPES consultants and partners want to change their data or they wish their data to be removed from EPES system, they should write an email requesting this to: office@epesmandala.com

EPES Mandala Consulting Team

Poulton, Robin Edward and Rafaella Greco Tonegutti (EPES Mandala Consulting)

Demander à la bibliothèque locale de commander ce livre pour vous:

Ask your local library to order a copy of this book for you:

Poulton, Robin Edward and Rafaella Greco Tonegutti (EPES Mandala Consulting)

The Limits of Democracy and the Postcolonial Nation State: Mali's democratic experiment falters, while jihad and terrorism grow in the Sahara. 

Lewiston NY & Lampeter, UK: Mellen Press, October 2016.




Conference on DOING BUSINESS IN AFRICA (Virginia Commonwealth University, 4th-7th October 2017):  EPES Mandala Consulting is a sponsor, and is providing both a Keynote Speaker (Dr Michelle Elcoat Poulton) and several of our team members (Zakiyatou, Kalifa, Robin) are presenting papers and leading discussion panels.

Mutinerie en Côte d’Ivoire bloque une évaluation DDR

 The very week in early January 2017 when we were purchasing equipment and air tickets to travel to Abidjan, a mutiny occurred among former rebels who had benefitted from the government’s DDR programme that we were about to evaluate on behalf of the UN. Since these were the people we were supposed to interview, the evaluation has had to be delayed.

New book by EPES authors Fall 2016

Keep your eyes open for this new book coming out in the Fall of 2016, the second collaboration between EPES consultants R Poulton (Mali and SSR expert) and R Tonegutti (migration expert) :

Poulton, Robin Edward and Rafaella Greco Tonegutti. 2016. The Limits of Democracy and the Postcolonial Nation State: Mali's democratic experiment falters, while jihad and terrorism grow in the Sahara. Lewiston NY & Lampeter, UK: Mellen Press

Muhammed Ali dies 3rd June 2016

Muhammed Ali dies 3rd June 2016

We mourn and we celebrate Muhammed Ali who died today.

If we had to name two men who stood out as world role models of the 20th Century, it would be difficult to surpass Nelson Mandela and Muhammed Ali. Both were towering moral personalities. Mandela was worshipped by people outside South Africa, even while he sent 27 years in prison for so-called “terrorism” (a word repressive regimes use to describe political opponents they have excluded from discussion and representation). Ali was worshipped across the world for his supreme sporting skills, for his outrageous-but-hilarious personality, and for preferring prison to the immorality of serving in an imperialist war against the legitimate independence ambitions of the Vietnamese. 

Muhammed Ali was controversial at home, because he stood up against racism in America. He also adopted Islam, and showed the world that how a good Muslim can be a Peace Maker. His moral and religious positions made him all the more admired in Europe. When the BBC held a poll to name the greatest sporting personality of the Twentieth Century,[1] Ali received more votes from BBC viewers than all the other finalists put together:  soccer stars George Best (Ireland) and Pele (Brazil), cricketer Sir Donald Bradman (Australia), golfer Jack Nicklaus and athlete Jesse Owens (both USA) were in the pool.

And that doesn’t take account of famous sporting names who did not make the final:  like Michael Jordan from basketball; modern long distance runners Heile Gebreselassi and Mo Farah, and the legendary Czechoslovak runner Emile Zatopek who won three gold medals at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki; American swimmer Michael Phelps (22 gold-medals in total); David Beckham King of British soccer; Roger Federer, the durable and elegant Swiss tennis star; Ruth Babe (but no one in Britain has even heard of baseball, let alone Ruth Babe); Joe Davis 15 times world champion and legendary snooker player (what the heck is “snooker?” – well, it is the ancestor of Pool and it was invented in Ooti, a Hill Station resort in Southern in India, by bored by creative British army officers); or my own great uncle Ronnie Poulton, who was captain of the 1913 Grand Slam English Rugby Team and who still holds the record for the greatest number of tries scored in a match (four in an international match, recently equalled by Chris Ashton, and FIVE for Oxford against the lesser university known as Cambridge).

Muhammed Ali surpassed all of these greats. We salute his life and his legacy.

Farewell, Kevin Lyonette

Farewell, Kevin Lyonette

We are very sad to announce the death on 14th February 2016 of a dear and respected colleague. We present our deepest sympathies to Elenor and the rest of Kevin’s family.

What a distinguished man Kevin Lyonette was!  His career in the British Foreign Service and then for the United Nations was one of the very highest quality and distinction.

We only knew Kevin during what other people might call "retirement" and which was for him a joyous period of ROM travel working for the European Union all over the world, measuring impact and judging progress in their development programmes on behalf of the European Parliament and EU taxpayers. He did this job supremely well. Kevin was a great mentor for dozens - maybe even hundreds - of junior experts learning their trade. Many were African technical experts trying to adjust common sense and their understanding of the needs of ordinary people, to fit the abstruse mechanisms of an EU that is led and designed entirely by well-meaning white elitists and accountants (mostly men), who have no experience of the lives of the people they want to help. Le us be frank: that is the reality of bureaucratic and political life in a supposedly post-colonial world! 

Kevin understood this perfectly; and his patience with both sides of the conundrum was exemplary. Perhaps he was sometimes even able to square the circle?  Most of all, however, Kevin was a wise and kind man, and lovely person whom it was a real pleasure to have known and to have had as a friend. We miss him, but he leaves us with beautiful memories.


Happy New Year 2016 to all our consultancy teams.

The ROM first phase (2015-2016) is drawing to a close. The new wave will begin in March-April when new consultants may be added to the roster (according to the EU rules for Results-Oriented Monitoring).

The terrorist attacks in Paris (Nov 13th) and Bamako (Nov 20th) leave us all stunned and saddened.

Nous exprimons nos condoléances à la France et au Mali. 

The terrorist attacks in Paris (Nov 13th) and Bamako (Nov 20th) leave us all stunned and saddened.

The management and staff of EPES Mandala present their sincere condolences to the people of both

countries. In fact, in the Bamako attack, we have lost an American colleague and our heart goes out

to her family and friends.