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What We Do : Child Protection and Well-being

Making child rights a reality in protection and reintegration work through programming, education, advocacy, capacity-building and influencing policies and practices.

Integration of child protection activities across all humanitarian delivery sectors.

Promoting an environment conducive to positive development, coping and resilience.

Support for community-driven processes of child protection.

Reducing risks to children’s safety and emotional well-being.

Reintegrating child soldiers and children affected by conflict and disaster into civilian and social life.

Assessments, Program Design, Management, Research, Training and Evaluation.

Dr. Michelle Elcoat Poulton has spent the past 26 years working in the field of child protection, well-being and development and has won international accolades for her pioneering work in non-formal education, early childhood development, and the healing and protection of child soldiers and other children and youth affected by conflict or major disaster. In our expert team, we have also Dr. Michael Wessells, a world-renowned expert on child protection and well-being and the author of the book: Child Soldiers: from Violence to Protection (2006, London, Harvard University Press), Dr. Mary Daly, Dr. Ghassan Rubeiz, and Ms. Solene Edouard.