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What We Do : Research M & E

Our Approach :

EPES Mandala follows a participatory approach, making sure that all programme stakeholders and beneficiaries are involved in monitoring and evaluation.


In the design of any project it is essential to have conducted extensive research on all related aspects. Once the implementation of a project starts in the field, proper and consistent monitoring and evaluation mechanisms must be in place in order to ensure that the project improves the lives of the beneficiaries.


Action-research methods are valuable to track both quantative and qualitiative indicators, to ensure successful impact and sustainability, and to make sure no unintended negative impacts creep in.

Research :

EPES Mandala consultants have extensive experience conducting research for large clients such as the European Union, United Nations, Swiss Cooperation, DfID, the Austrian Government and Belgium Technical Cooperation (BTC).

Monitoring :

In December 2010 as part of a consortium led by the Spanish firm EPTISA, we were selected for the management of the Result Oriented Monitoring (ROM) missions in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries for the period 2011-2013.

Evaluation :

Systematic evaluations of programs provide valuable information on the success achieved to date of any important programme, as well as showing the areas that require improvement in the future overall direction of the program. EPES Mandala consultants have a wide variety of experience in conducting mid and final term evaluations for governments and non-governmental organisations, United Nations agencies and the European Union.

EPES Mandala Services in Project Design, Implementation and M&E Brochure :

EPES Mandala Consulting offers unrivalled services in Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation and Monitoring, especially for NGO programmes. Brochure.pdf